Welcome to the Quad Lab

Kickstarter meets quad boxes, that’s the vision we have for Quad Lab.  Like a subscription box, but no subscription. The goal is to make use of our passionate community and pool smaller contributions in order to stimulate products and development.

We develop many of our own products, but also consult and test for others.  This means we’re often looking at the next wave of tech. It would seem obvious to pre-sell the best items, but they’re usually under wraps.  So instead, we aim to pre-sell at a discounted price to encourage development and get the cool tech out to everyone ASAP.

There’s no set structure for this crate experiment.  The projects undertaken are open ended. Sometimes it may be a new flight controller, other times maybe some awesome new obscure product or maybe just a specific motor.  We will also use it to test demand before even making some products. In that sense, we’re completely open to people from the community using this service too! Product concepts will be considered on a case by case basis.

Because everything is in development, we can’t nail down details to share.  Other times it’s a secret or maybe we just want it to be a surprise :-) . Some details will be shared so that you’re not just buying into something random.  If any crate project falls through for any reason, everyone will receive a 100% refund. You can also request a refund at any time before the Crate is confirmed and preparing to ship.




What can I expect to receive?

The Quad Lab ships only stuff needed to keep you flying - such as hardware and components - no overvalued swag or stickers that you're upcharged for, just the important stuff.

 Crates for a wide variety of budgets.

Most Crates are $40-$60 USD (and yes, free shipping) and include things frames, sets of motors, FC/ESC stacks, etc.

Crates above $100 or more may include BNF quads, Goggles, or other ultra-desirable FPV gear. 

How can I suggest a product for Quad Lab?

If you have a product you'd like to see, or are developing something that blows our mind, send us a line at quadlabcrew@gmail.com